About us

Vuwa’s entry into the empowerment space in 2006 was the realization of our vision of meaningful participation in the economic mainstream by the previously disadvantaged. In addition, the birth of Vuwa investments reaffirmed the commitment to the broadening of social transformation movement and creating of sustainable wealth.

Our track record as pioneers of the transformation agenda contributed in no small part to our success as we took up the challenge to help shape the nation. Vuwa continues to facilitate the transition to a fully inclusive society with a strong economy representative of all its peoples. Our mission is to do this within the framework of sustainable empowered investment.

As a company with broad-based ownership controlled by historically disadvantaged South Africans, we believe in the ability of empowerment do more than address the imbalances of the past. We believe through exemplary corporate governance and strict adherence to principles, empowerment applied the right way must add value to the economy and strengthen our position as an African leader and a giant African economy.