Vuwa Investments has an excellent track record in direct investments. Guided by our values and vision, Vuwa Investments has added to its portfolio some of highly respected companies in South Africa, reinforcing its position across a wide range of investment types and sectors. Transactions may include typical BEE deals, the provision of growth capital, buyouts, greenfields, brownfields, property and occasionally debt notes.

Vuwa’s team of experienced investment professionals has allowed it to fine-tune its portfolio management process. Our many success stories are drawn from diverse economic activities including mining, hotel groups, healthcare, agriculture, aviation, construction and many more. In each case, Vuwa’s approach of investment curatorship means we assume an active support role to ensure the success of each endeavour.

Our mandate for high-performance investment is built on the following principles:

Sound Corporate Governance:

In all areas of operation, Vuwa Investments holds itself to a very high standard of accountability and responsibility. We adhere to a strict code of conduct and rigid pre-and-post investment policies and procedures that ensure transparency and integrity throughout the life of the investment.

Investment Performance:

With a team comprising some of the most experienced minds in the investment community, Vuwa Investments consistently targets outstanding returns through intelligent, strategically sound decisions and thorough financial practices.

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Post-Investment Participation and Support:

The concept of investment curatorship underpins every investment opportunity that we undertake. This approach includes extensive pre-investment investigation and post-investment support and assistance.

Vuwa’s investment team is comprised of members with diverse business backgrounds. This considerable intellectual capital adds value to every investment opportunity. Through investment curatorship, these senior Vuwa personnel take an active role in the planning and decision making process of each company on an ongoing basis.

In this way we ensure not only the financial success of our investments, but we contribute toward building more sustainable, successful businesses in South Africa.